Designing the Environment

Designing the Environment

Designing the Environment


Play areas are designed to help children learn, grow and become more confident in themselves. This course covers how you accomplish this goal while also making sure that the play area is safe and meets the specific needs of the customer.

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Not all play areas are used in the same way; therefore not all play areas can be designed in the same way. As you are designing a play area, it is important to collaborate with the manufacturer to ensure you are selecting the proper equipment.

Clients do not necessarily know the difference between commercial and residential play equipment, and there are different requirements for each type.

What factors impact design strategies?
How can you improve the play experience?
What different safety guidelines and regulations are there for different age groups?

The answers to these questions and what else needs to be taken into consideration when designing a play area will be covered during this course.

Instructions: Please watch the video and then take the assessment (10 multiple-choice questions) to complete the course. You may pause the video or exit and resume watching at any time. You must complete the video before moving on to the assessment. All 10 questions must be answered correctly, but you are able to retake the assessment as many times as needed to pass.