Laws and Regulations 101 – Introduction


Laws and Regulations 101 – Introduction


One of the best ways to avoid lawsuits, or properly address them, is for you to better understand how the law and regulations interact with play areas.

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With your help, manufacturers make sure play areas are as safe as possible, injuries are reduced, and money is not lost in litigation and damage awards. This course covers the three key legal terms sales representatives need to understand:

1. Standard of Care
2. Negligence
3. Foreseeability

In addition, there are various product safety laws and standards and regulatory and enforcement tools that you should be familiar with. Learn how you can make sure to stay informed and current with federal, state and local laws.

Instructions: Please watch the video and then take the assessment (10 multiple-choice questions) to complete the course. You may pause the video or exit and resume watching at any time. You must complete the video before moving on to the assessment. All 10 questions must be answered correctly, but you are able to retake the assessment as many times as needed to pass.