Risk Management 101 – Introduction

Risk Management

Risk Management 101 – Introduction


Learn about finding the balance between risk and fun.

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Striking the right balance between protecting children from harm and allowing them the freedom to develop independence is not an easy task. When providing opportunities for children to play, vendors, installers, manufacturers and their clients all have a responsibility to meet the standard of care for their end users.

A risk management program is an ongoing and never ending element of a play area. Knowing that lawsuits are common, it is important to have a strong risk management program in place.

What role do the manufacturer sales representatives play?
The manufacturer’s risk management responsibility primarily focuses on the design and installation, while the owner’s responsibility covers the entire process from design to maintenance and supervision. However, both entities have a responsibility to risk management throughout the entire process.

Manufacturer sales representatives help an owner by being properly trained and certified, and helping them make sound decisions that lead to a safe, compliant playground that still provides enough challenge to invite play.

More details including the audit and inspection process are covered in this course.

Instructions: Please watch the video and then take the assessment (10 multiple-choice questions) to complete the course. You may pause the video or exit and resume watching at any time. You must complete the video before moving on to the assessment. All 10 questions must be answered correctly, but you are able to retake the assessment as many times as needed to pass.